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About Vape Bus

Vape Bus is a communicating platform under the Shen Zhen Fast Business electrical business co LTD for all the vapers.

We donate all of our efforts on reducing the number of the cigarettes or tobacco users.

Electric-cig in English is Vape, in Chinese is E-cig or steam cig. For quitting smoking or a replacement for tobacco products, has similar smell of cig, even better than the taste of cig. E-cig doesn’t contain tar, CO, hydrocyanic acid, acrolein etc, these harmful things. The flavor the E-cig is made by VG(vegetable glycerin), propylene glycol and natural flavors, so E-cig is not harmful. Since E-cig doesn’t contain any tar that will make your teeth brown or black. So vaping won’t cause bad breathe and ugly teeth. Safer and healthier.

E-cig is considered as ‘One of the ten techniques that change the world’ by analyzer from National city Bank of New York. And be considered as ‘ One of the great eight territories that changes the world’. Be considered has the potential to change the whole tobacco industry.

Recent years, with more and more smokers start to pay attention to their self- health problems, E-cig, a new way of smoking becomes more and more popular. In Europe, E-cig has became symbols for the celebrity and nobility.

Vape Bus is the most trustworthy internet service platform in China, provides the skills of using vape products, review, video and second hand trading to vapers. We use the powerful internet to publicize vaping, integrate all the service and content to help consumers to quit smoking, improve the quality of life, change the life of Chinese people!

Vape Bus, Vapers’ clan, if you are a vaper, we would love to have you as one of our members!